Here is a list of questions frequently asked by visitors as well as existing players about poker rooms. Hope this could help you out and if at the same point you have the same questions in mind.

• What kind of computer do I need?

The recommended specification of computer for an online poker should be Pentium 133MHz with at least 25MB hard drive and 64MB RAM or internal memory. Consider to have either of this operating system: Microsoft windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. Be informed that Microsoft Winsock proxy service will not make your software function well.

• Does the software support Macintosh?

At the moment, they are still developing a version for Macintosh because the software could not support Macintosh at this time.

• Can I see what the game looks like before joining or depositing any money?


Yes you can play for free. You are not required to deposit any amount of money in turn to experience playing the beta practice games. You just have to download their free of charge software and begin setting an account. But of course setting up an account will require you to furnish them personal and accurate information in your account.
And if ever you decide to play the real game that will be time you will be required to deposit money in your account. This will give you the privilege to begin experiencing real playing.

If you still have several questions in mind, you may search the web for some sites that would help you answer those questions for free. Enjoy!