Below is a list of famous poker tournaments from the previous months that have passed and for the succeeding months of the year 2008.

• The Queen of Heart Weekend Event
For the past 2 years, Lisa Tenner of Tenner & Associates, Inc. has founded and continuously produced the Queen of Heart, World Series of Poker signature event at the Ladies No Limit Hold’em Poker Championship and for the 3rd time this year they still produced this tournament. Over $50,000 is raised for The Queen of Heart tournament in the past three years for charity purposes with the help of De Leon Family Care Project Ltd.
This year the beneficiary they have chosen is the Nevada Cancer Institute which from the Queens, will get more than $14,000 this year. The amount is a mixture of donations from all the Queens of Heart team members and percentage of winnings from the players.

• 2008 Everest Poker Avalanche Championship
Players from Germany, The Netherlands, France and Sweden are swept by a Spanish player Ismael Arribas Munoz, 26 from Madrid who battled to win the $1,000,000 Everest Poker Tournament this year. The event was held in the Mediterranean Sea on board of a Royal Caribbean Cruises luxury. The tournament has 10 finalists aged from 21 to 55 years old. Munoz who won the top spot amounting to ($200,000), followed by Wing Kwok Tang, from The Netherlands, 25 years old, won ($120,000) and the third spot was achieved by Brice Cousin from Paris, 25 years old got ($90,000).
Poker Tournaments are developed not just for the purpose of earning money or knowing who the best player there. They use this medium as a way for charitable purposes as well.